How Can Three Colors Help with Your Landscape and Nature Photography?


DSC_9632Hi, I’m Johny Spencer, Founder of 3 Colors (3C for short). 

3 Colors is a Landscape and Nature Photography resource that’s here to help you master your photography, learning photography can be hard but I’ve made it my mission to help you get the results you want fast. The Podcast and Blog are regularly updated with free photography tutorials and we also have a private members only community we call Team 3C which is where we create regular exclusively tailored photography tutorials covering all aspects of Landscape and Nature Photography to help members reach the photography goals even faster.

When I started as a Photographer, I remember stumbling around the web from tutorial to tutorial not really having any idea of what I needed to learn to take my photography to the next level. I spent years developing my photography workflow and I know now if I had of been given the right coaching and the right knowledge I would have been creating the photos I had dreamed about in at least a quarter of the time or sooner.

This is why I started 3 Colors so that I can save other photographers the pain and heartache I went through by giving you just the information and knowledge you need to start creating amazing photography without the years and years of trial and error I went through.

As a full-time Profession Landscape and Nature photography for the National Parks Service here in Australia, I have to always be refining my photography skills so that I have the knowledge to overcome any photographic challenge and to ensure I come home with awesome photos every time I go out and shoot. This constant refining of my landscape and nature photography skills allows me to keep Three Colors laser focused on only creating the best content possible to help you with your photography.



On to of Australia, Mount Kosciuszko, Kosciusko National Park

Three Colors is perfect for you if you want to learn how to:

  • Capture the perfect landscape and nature photography every time you pick up your camera
  • Get to know what all your camera settings do and learn what settings you need to use in every photographic situation to create awesome photographs
  • Process your images in Lightroom and Photoshop like a pro
  • Become an expert in fieldwork, knowing where and when to be so that you can capture the best light and composition
  • Build a creative photographic workflow which is essential for creating unique and stunning photos.  
  • Build the killer portfolio that will impress anyone that sees it
  • Remove loneliness from your photography and become part of a community of photographers learning and growing together

How long will it take to start seeing results?

Start listening to the Podcast and following the Blog, sign up to the newsletter here to make sure you don’t miss anything.  Once you start to apply what you learn to your photography you will start to see results happen very quickly. Inside our Team 3C Community, you get even more in depth tutorials plus you get to join a community of like-minded photographers that will help you with any photography problem you face. Having repeated exposure to good photography knowledge and resources is the key to mastering Landscape and Nature Photography fast.

Be sure to join the Three Colors newsletter here to make sure you don’t miss a thing and also get some free goodies.

I’m looking forward to helping you with your photography



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