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Meet Your Photography Coach

Meet Your Photography Coach

Johny has been working with the National Parks Service in Australia for 20 years and is employed as a Landscape and Nature Photographer.
With years of experience working in the outdoor’s as a photographer, Johny has learned many photography lessons that he is passionate about sharing with others.
This experience has taught him photo shortcuts that speedup mastering photography and make it easy for anyone to learn how to create amazing photographs.




Here’s What Photographers Are Saying


Just a quick note to let you know that I think the community you have created is awesome. I am absolutely loving every moment, especially the masterclass and assignments, I like having that ability every month to just focus on one thing and really get to know it, and with the bonus of having an image critiqued as well. 

Being part of the community means a lot to me thank you.



​Thank you for your contribution to my photography journey, just keep up the good work. 


Exactly what I was looking for. Johny has a unique Aussie way about him and his enthusiasm comes through. Easy to follow and I can take all the information in during my own time. Good length individual segments. My equipment and photographic knowledge is vastly improved now I’m ready to get out there and try with confidence. A very worthwhile investment.


No photographers online have ever given this info!
This is the reason, I came to you, the area that almost all of us, even pro photographer haven’t got.
I have covered most photography, incl newspapers, sport, front cover etc., but have never captured landscapes, which really interest me!
You just being you, tell it all how it is….even the early coffee, (smile) and off you go, we never know until you walk to the spot and now showing us, how you select the perfect spot!!

Thanks again and I know if most had the chance, they would want to be a member too.



The training videos are exceptional and are very easy to follow and understand. I am very happy that I joined and would certainly recommend the community to anyone who are interested in improving their photography.


Johny’s approach is fresh & pitched at newbies and serious photographers, keep up the great work. 


Great resources provided! I found Johny to be a professional, helpful and enthusiastic instructor. My passion for photography and my skill in capturing and processing images received a big boost


I have been part of the T3CX Community for over 12 months and find it extremely enjoyable, and educational.  I have learned a lot about great composition, using my camera to greater effect and the fabulous feedback Johny gives on all out photographs at the end of each month.  He makes us all feel part of the team with his personal and easy going style.  Above all his Light oom editing skills are second to none and I was really struggling with that till I bought his Mastering Lightroom –Everything you need to know to become a Lightroom Ninja course.


I look forward to his monthly videos and the fantastic photos and comments that members send in.  I can highly recommend this Community and wouldn’t be without it for quids.  Excellent value for money and you can ask lots of questions and get prompt answers.  That is invaluable, especially to beginners like me.  I am also most impressed with the quality of many of the other members photographs which also helps me to learn more.  It is fun and relaxing being part of this community of photographers.


As You Can See People Love Their Community