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3C Podcast 11 – Is It Time to Switch to a Mirrorless Camera?

In this episode of the Three Colors podcast, I chat with Landscape and Nature Photographer Andrew Wisler. We discuss the pros and cons of switching to a mirrorless camera system.

Listen to the podcast and discover :

  • The main reasons to switch to a mirrorless system
  • What to expect when switching from a DLSR to a mirrorless camera
  • Do the pros of switching to a mirrorless system out way the cons


To find out more about Andrew check out his website here.

Enjoy and share this podcast to spread the photography love.


Andrews Camera Kit

Sony A7r

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 70-200 f4

Canon 17-40 4f

Canon 24mm Tilt-Shift

Metabones Adaptor Canon to Sony 

Johny’s camera Kit

Sony A7R ll

Sony 24-70mm  f2.8

Sony 16-35mm   F4

Sony 70-200mm F4

Sony 90mm f2.8 Macro

Show Notes and Links

Fuji film X-T1 – Thos is the camera Johny’s tried earlier in the year.

Nikon D800 Johny Old Camera

Electronic Viewfinder on Mirrorless Cameras

Hoodman Loupe

Canon 5DS

Nikon D800E

Gordon Laing shooting the Tour de France

Andrews Website

Andrews Heavy Tripod

Sea to Summit Dry Bag